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Match as many bubbles in the available time while negotiating various obstacles along the way. A set of random colour bubbles will start dropping from the top of the screen, the amount of colours will increase when selecting a higher difficulty level. The direction and velocity of the bubbles can be controlled by tapping on the left and right of the screen as well as swiping up, down, left and right. Once a bubble reaches the bottom it will stop, if another bubble lands on top of it that bubble will be replaced by the one on top. Choose a colour and try and land same colour bubbles side by side, points are scored each time a combination of 3 or more is made. When a complete row of 7 is matched it is locked and extra time is added to the game timer. The next row will then start on top of the most recent matched row.

Try and build 5 rows on top of each other for bonus points! ​When same colour balls land on each other from the top you get 1 second back on the clock, when a falling ball touches two ground balls at the same time one of them will pop!

This new space shooter game is amazingly designed with an awesome environment to give you the best experience while playing the game levels. As a player, your task is to concentrate and maintain your focus so that you can dodge all asteroids enemy ships and mines. But, keep in mind that you can also shoot on them and destroy their shipes and mines to score the highest possible score. You have to take control of your spaceship in this amazing space shooter adventure game and put your reflexes to the test.

AstroQuest – Space Adventure is a cool and insanely addictive game to tickle your brain. Get hours of fun by playing this awesome action game, you will fall in love with it, moment you start playing it. This game offers hours of fun that too free of any charge. Various levels to keep you hooked for hours with awesome fun and frolic. 

★★ Why you need to download and install AstroQuest – Space Adventure on your iPhone or iPad for Free instead of other action games? ★★
✓ Simple, attractive and high quality graphics designed specially for this game. You will have an awesome feeling while playing in this amazing space environment. 
✓ You can choose to control your spaceship with Swipe, Tilt or Joypad!
✓ Our arcade game is free and it will stay free for life, so there is no hidden fees, no special memberships and no annual subscription fees. 
✓ Upgrade spaceships or weapons using the points that you earned on each level.
✓ A boss ship will appear in the end of each level! Do not forget to save some ammunition to destroy his ship.
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​This app works with user generated data. On first start the app will prompt you to add a motorcycle to the list by tapping the + button. A list of standard motorcycle names will appear, a name can be picked from the list and / or after that the custom button can be tapped to add model names or any other name the user chooses. The year model, drive type and other initial setup information is asked for the relevant motorcycle. A photo can also be added if desired.

Once a bike is added, go to the settings area by tapping the settings icon on the top left of the screen. Swipe right will also show the settings view on iPhone and swipe left will hide it. By tapping the settings icon again the view will disappear. Select the preferred mileage unit here and also where cost tracking is required and what currency to display in the app. 

Depending on what drive type bike was selected, a automatically generated list of parts and categories are created when the motorcycle record is created, you access these by taping on a selected bike's tableview cell. Custom name and categories can be added or deleted from the default list. Add by tapping the + button on the bottom right, delete by left swipe.

When on the parts view and a part is selected by tapping on the cell a new view will appear showing the service details. By default the last entered information appears, if no information has been entered yet all input areas will be blank. Add the + on the top right to add a service. Date, current odd meter reading and cost are asked, only mileage and date fields are required. Cost and Brand comments are optional inputs. Also select whether you are cleaning, checking or replacing a part by using the segmented control. 

The summary view on the service detail shows the amount of service records, the total amount spent on parts, and average mileage and time duration since the last part of this type was replaced. These features will only work once at least 2 parts have been replaced, then based on that average information a anticipated next replacement date is calculated. By tapping this cell you will be navigated to the reminders section of the app to enter a service reminder if you wish. Service reminds are posted to a iOS calendar.

After more records are added they can be displayed, filtered and sorted on the service history view. By left swiping the service history records a specific record can also be edited or deleted.

A service history report can also be expected in CSV format by tapping the CSV icon on the bottom left of the bike home screen, an option to only export certain bikes and / or parts over a selected time period is there. The file can then be shared by email, airdrop, notes or any other relevant sharing options available.

By clicking on the notes icon on the motorcycle home screed you will access the Notes and Reminders section. Here specific notes about a specific bike can be made as well as reminders posted to a calendar, things like renew insurance or bike registration reminders can be posted here.

​Game Play:

  • Clouds: Blocks and nudges bubbles along. Use a Sunny Spell to stop the clouds messing you about for a period of time.
  • Kite: Randomly changes the colour of a bubble that touches it. Put up a no kite flying sign to stop unwanted colour changes from occurring for a while.
  • Bird: The bird will pop bubbles that it touches. To chase the bird away for a little bit use a scarecrow every now and again.
  • Slingshot: Use the slingshot to pop an unwanted colour from messing up your sequence, by tapping the slingshot the lowest ball will be popped.
  • Extra Time: Use an extra time token to add 10s to the current game timer by tapping on the clock icon towards the top left of the game screen.
  • Garden Gnome: A gnome will appear every now and again after completing an entire row match. When a bubble strikes the little guy he will give up whatever he has been hiding, from extra time tokens, game tokens, slingshot ammo and extra time!
  • TNT: Keep an eye out for this randomly appearing after a row completion! The TNT will explode after 5 seconds removing the row below it and reducing your score. Defuse the TNT by dropping a bubble on it within 5 seconds of it appearing!​

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Penalty Shootout for ​iMessage  is a fun and exciting two player turn based game for iMessage only. Challenge a friend to shoot a goal past your goal keeper and when challenged you try and shoot a goal past your friends goal keeper! Earn tokens when you win and spend it when you challenge a friend. Hours of entertainment if you are a soccer fan or not! Available for download on the App Store now!

How to play

  • Go to Settings and change your username, by default it will be your device name
  • Tap on Let's Play
  • Select where to place your keeper by taping on the goal net, there are nine different positions to chose from
  • Tap on send challenge 
  • Add any additional message text and press send
  • When you receive a challenge from a friend, tap on the goal net to aim your kick, once again you have nine positions to select from
  • Tap kick for goal after you are happy with your selection
  • Add any additional message text and press send
  • Tap on the message to see who have won!
  • Select different keepers, set your username and enable game sounds in Settings
  • Have a look at game history in Games, swipe left on a game to delete and start the count from zero again. This will only delete your side of the records and not your friend's corresponding records for the same game

Servetrac MC was developed specifically for motorcycles, it is used to document service history of motorcycles. Keep track of when the last oil change was, how many miles you have covered on your existing tyres or the last time you checked the brake pads to name but a few. Future services dates are predicted based on service history of a specific part, service reminders can then be created and saved to your iOS Calendar. 

Multiple motorcycles can be added and tracked. When a motorcycle is added a default list of parts is generated, these parts can be deleted and custom parts can also be added if required.
(Only 2 for Servetrac Lite)

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  •  iCloud enabled to sync data across your iOS devices
  • Imperial or metric units can be used to enter odometer mileage
  • Optional Cost tracking for service parts
  • Add custom parts & categories to track (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)
  • Add custom maintenance records (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)
  • Export CSV data
  • Sort & Filter Service history records
  • Add notes and service reminders (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)