​This app works with user generated data. On first start the app will prompt you to add a motorcycle to the list by tapping the + button. A list of standard motorcycle names will appear, a name can be picked from the list and / or after that the custom button can be tapped to add model names or any other name the user chooses. The year model, drive type and other initial setup information is asked for the relevant motorcycle. A photo can also be added if desired.

Once a bike is added, go to the settings area by tapping the settings icon on the top left of the screen. Swipe right will also show the settings view on iPhone and swipe left will hide it. By tapping the settings icon again the view will disappear. Select the preferred mileage unit here and also where cost tracking is required and what currency to display in the app. 

Depending on what drive type bike was selected, a automatically generated list of parts and categories are created when the motorcycle record is created, you access these by taping on a selected bike's tableview cell. Custom name and categories can be added or deleted from the default list. Add by tapping the + button on the bottom right, delete by left swipe.

When on the parts view and a part is selected by tapping on the cell a new view will appear showing the service details. By default the last entered information appears, if no information has been entered yet all input areas will be blank. Add the + on the top right to add a service. Date, current odd meter reading and cost are asked, only mileage and date fields are required. Cost and Brand comments are optional inputs. Also select whether you are cleaning, checking or replacing a part by using the segmented control. 

The summary view on the service detail shows the amount of service records, the total amount spent on parts, and average mileage and time duration since the last part of this type was replaced. These features will only work once at least 2 parts have been replaced, then based on that average information a anticipated next replacement date is calculated. By tapping this cell you will be navigated to the reminders section of the app to enter a service reminder if you wish. Service reminds are posted to a iOS calendar.

After more records are added they can be displayed, filtered and sorted on the service history view. By left swiping the service history records a specific record can also be edited or deleted.

A service history report can also be expected in CSV format by tapping the CSV icon on the bottom left of the bike home screen, an option to only export certain bikes and / or parts over a selected time period is there. The file can then be shared by email, airdrop, notes or any other relevant sharing options available.

By clicking on the notes icon on the motorcycle home screed you will access the Notes and Reminders section. Here specific notes about a specific bike can be made as well as reminders posted to a calendar, things like renew insurance or bike registration reminders can be posted here.

Servetrac user instructions

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Servetrac MC & lite Service tracking and scheduling

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Servetrac MC was developed specifically for motorcycles, it is used to document service history of motorcycles. Keep track of when the last oil change was, how many miles you have covered on your existing tyres or the last time you checked the brake pads to name but a few. Future services dates are predicted based on service history of a specific part, service reminders can then be created and saved to your iOS Calendar. 

Multiple motorcycles can be added and tracked. When a motorcycle is added a default list of parts is generated, these parts can be deleted and custom parts can also be added if required.
(Only 2 for Servetrac Lite)

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  •  iCloud enabled to sync data across your iOS devices
  • Imperial or metric units can be used to enter odometer mileage
  • Optional Cost tracking for service parts
  • Add custom parts & categories to track (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)
  • Add custom maintenance records (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)
  • Export CSV data
  • Sort & Filter Service history records
  • Add notes and service reminders (Only avallable in Servetrac MC)